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The Bart Whitaker Case

I first heard of this case when watching the new show, Blood Relatives on Investigative Discovery. I then read the book, Savage Son by Corey Mitchell (see my book blog).  I was excited to hear a story that I had not heard of in the past as it seems that the same stories seem to be told over and over again on different magazine television programs.

On December 10, 2003 the Whitaker family returned home after having dinner together to celebrate their oldest son's upcoming college graduation.  Mother Patricia and younger son, Kevin entered the home first while dad, Kent trailed behind and oldest son, Thomas "Bart", went to retrieve his cell phone from his vehicle.  Patricia and Kevin were shot immediately when they each entered the home, Kent soon after.  Bart ran into the home to "chase" the "intruder" and he too was shot.  Both Kent and Bart were shot in their shoulders (although opposite arms) and survived.  Patricia and Kevin had been shot at point bl…