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Sarah "Cindy" White

Sometimes the most difficult thing for me to do when it is a day in which I have decided to blog is to find a case in which catches my interests at the time.  That is always dependent on my mood of the day it seems. Today it seemed almost more difficult.  As a general rule I tend to make Sunday's my blog day.  But as we all know life sometimes gets in the way and so that does not always happen. I have not been as active here this month due to being out of town and also working on other things but I knew today I had to take the time to sit down and work on this.  If I get frustrated and just pick a case that does not grab me the day becomes extremely long and it seems I will procrastinate a lot so that is why I find it important to find one that strikes me as interesting.  Today after many searches to find that right case I finally settled on the case of Sarah White.  The truth is, there is not an extreme amount of information on this case and even still some of that in wholly inac…

Travis Forbes

I often spend my days throughout the week watching (mainly rerun episodes) shows like Dateline and 48 Hours to find interest in cases I would like to discuss here.  Many times they are stories I remember hearing about in the past and sometimes they are even episodes I have seen but it has been some time so I like a refresher.  When it comes to this case, after watching the show I had not recalled seeing the story before.  This is a story of murder, as most of my blog are about but the part of this story that grabbed me the most was about survival.  

In so many cases in which a perpetrator has left a survivor in their wake it is the survivor that helps solve the case of so many others.  Look at the case of Ted Bundy.  It was a survivor that was able to tell her story to get a description of the man as well as the story he had fabricated to get her.  This case is a bit different in that aspect. It was the diligence of officers in another town pursuing Travis Forbes for another case that …

The murder of Jarrod Davidson

I recently watched a rerun of an episode of 48 Hours and was surprised that not only had I not blogged about this case since it was one that I was fairly familiar with but that it was not even on my list to research.  You have often heard me say that spouse against spouse murders are almost routine in today's age but sometimes a case is a bit more unique.  This is one of them.  As I was watching the show I did something else I often do when watching those types of episodes, I started a search for more information and in the process decided to just do a full on search and discussion.

In January of 2000 college "sweethearts" Jarrod Davidson and Kelee (pronounced Kelly) Jones were married.  In July of that year their daughter Malia was born.  The marriage soon soured however and by March of 2001 the couple had separated.  On the surface, and probably deep down also, this became a classic case of parental alienation.  Jarrod and Kelee were fighting it out in courts, first f…