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Jamie Snow

Several months ago I discovered the show "Crime Watch Daily."  It is a weekday show in which several crimes are profiled in the hour long show. I enjoy these types of shows the most because while they obviously are all always bias, the shorter segments have the ability to just get out the more important information about the case so you can go into them with less knowledge that may taint your thoughts on the case.  This is a case I heard about on that program.  

I have often said here on the blogs that I go into case with the belief that the jury got it right as this is essential for me in my trust of the justice system.  And yet then I read about a case such as this one and have to question my belief in our courts and the reliability of juries.  I do not come to decisions like these lightly but I need to see evidence and proof, not speculation and wonder.  I think what amazes me the most about this case is that it is not a case from pre-1980 where many cases were "solve…

The Murder of Robert "Bob" McClancy

Today, being blog day for me, started out different than most days that I plan to sit down and research a case.  More often than not I do not have a case in mind and rack my brain to find one to catch my attention on any particular day. Today was not like that.  I knew going in I wanted to research two cases as my next two blogs.  The biggest issue I had to decide was which one I wanted to do first. Both cases were ones that I had heard about on different crime shows this week and both peaked my interests very much.  Ultimately I decided to do the Bob McClancy murder case first because, for one, it had so many twists and turns in it that it nearly seems impossible to be true and secondly, part of the case involves the issue of fraud and bilking the government of benefits.  

On May 15, 2006 9-1-1 dispatchers in Monroe County Tennessee received a call from a man named Charles "Chuck" Kaczmarczyk.  They were told that Chuck had gone to the home of his friend, Robert "Bob&qu…

The Death of Kelsey Smith-Briggs

Today started like any other day when it is "blog day."  I searched, and searched until I skimmed a case in which caught my attention.  Admittedly, when I do that I simply do a search to possibly refresh my memory of the name on my list.  I just knew I had found it in the case of Kelsey Smith-Briggs seeing that she was just under three years old when she was killed.  At first glance this was a case of CPS (or DHS, whichever you prefer to call it) and the courts let another child slip through the system.  I soon learned that that assessment was only half correct.  

Another thing I quickly learned was that this case was not cut and dry no matter how you looked at.  For every website I found, I found another that countered the information in the previous one.  Upon further research I was hearing that unless I could find a court transcript written by the actual state of Oklahoma it was not likely I would get any better information because people on all sides of this story have be…