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Susan Cox Powell

I have always found the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell and all that transpired after, very tragic and interesting.  I just finished reading Greg Oleson's book "If I Can't Have You" and it has rejuvenated those feelings. As I start writing this in fact, I have not finished my research into the case completely but I also have not decided how I want to title this blog. First off, you will always see me refer to Susan as simply Susan or as Susan Cox Powell.  You will not see me refer to her simply as Susan Powell.  In fact, the only reason I am even adding the Powell name at all in for respect for her children and the fact that she was known with that name widely in the media.  As I said, I have not completely finished my research as I start this, and I may find out later that my wishes are granted, but I hope that Susan's family is suing the pants off of anyone, and everyone that they can! The disappearance of Susan was tragic in its own right but facing all the …

The Murder of Ben Novack Jr.

This is a case that I had heard a lot about.  Several television shows, including 48 Hours, have done shows based on this story.  I also recently read the book "The Prince of Paradise" by John Glatt and at the end of the month Lifetime is going to air the movie "Beautiful and Twisted" starring Rob Lowe as Ben Novack Jr.  These shows, and even the book, only scratch the surface of all the twists and turns in this case. In fact, officially it is not over nearly six years after the death of Ben Novack Jr. 

This case would be interesting despite the people who were involved but it is the history of the people, and the money involved that makes it even more high profile and captured people like myself who are seemingly "obsessed" with true crimes.

It is difficult to know where to start with this story but considering all that were involved I suppose we should start with Ben Novack Sr. Ben Novack Sr. was a well known man in his own right.  He became most famous i…

Charles Freeman

In 1879, in Pocasset, Massachusetts, the same island where the Davis Family would latter be killed by Jane Toppen, there was the family of Charles Freeman. They, like many in the area were members of the Second Adventism religion.  Freeman, along with Alden Davis, were leaders in their church.  Those not involved in their church found the religion to be be full of fanatics with what they considered to be crazy and wild ideas. 

Adventism was started by a man name William Miller and called themselves Millerites. Miller believed that the second coming of Jesus would occur on October 22, 1844.  When this did not happen it became known as "The Great Disappointment."  Many followers began losing faith in Miller and by 1845 there were basically 4 branches of Adventism.  The Second Adventists were those who still believed in Miller.  Today we know this religion, or a form of it as, The 7th Day Adventists and they are considered be conservative protestant.  

Charles Freeman was conside…

The Copper Dollar Ranch Murders

This story will be different than I believe any I have done before.  I do not think I have done a story on a case that has not been resolved completely, at least in some way or that is currently in the court process as this one is.  However, after watching an episode of TNT's Cold Justice this story intrigued me and I had a huge desire to know more. Since it has not been through a court of law as of yet completely then unlike other cases there are still questions that have not been answered and the defendants story cannot be completely told.  In essence this will likely be the first case that I will have to come back and update at some point.

On March 3, 1983 Jeff Illingworth reported to his job as a ranch hand at The Copper Dollar Ranch just outside Newton Iowa.  When he got there he found the body of fellow co-worker and mechanic, 20 year old Steven Fisher laying outside near a camper trailer he had been staying in.  Inside the camper Illingworth found the naked body of Steven…