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The Glenn Patrick Bradford Case

Once again I have chosen to blog about a case that was popular in my tri-state area at a time before I returned to the area. I am sure I am not alone in the fact that when I see a true crime show that is located in an area I know and and have at least a marginal knowledge about it always seems a bit more exciting. I particularly like the show The Shift, that was based out of Indianapolis Indiana considering I lived there for 24 years.  In this case, since I was from the area originally and had family that lived here I knew at least a little about the area. Since I have moved back as an adult and I read about these cases I have an even better view of where these crimes were committed.

The last case that I did here I had attempted to rely on a local website that contained repeated articles that had been published in the local paper before moving on to other areas of research.  I was sorely disappointed in those as I felt that many were all but inaccurate and skewed in many ways.  For thi…

The Matthew Eric Wrinkles Case

I was born in Evansville Indiana in a year in which I will not mention.  I moved away before I started school but returned to the area several decades later in 2014.  I have always had family in the area and tried to keep up with the news here often.  From time to time I would see stories on crimes that had happened at some point in time in the area.  Once I moved back and started looking into things a bit more it seems that there have been several high profile cases in the literal "tri-state area."  Some I had heard about, others I had not.  This is one that I knew a little about before I sat down today to do my research.  As I recall, although the crime happened in 1994, I likely first heard about it in 2009 when convicted murderer, Matthew Eric Wrinkles, was to make an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show a month prior to his scheduled execution.

As I sat down today and began my usual research as I do for each case, I expected this to be a fairly open and shut case and not…

The Megan Meier Story

We all know that kids can be cruel.  We have all been "bullied" in some form or fashion when we were younger.  I think most of us can agree that over the years it has gotten worse in many area but in the same respect, and many may disagree, I often think there are times in which more is made out of things.  This is not such a case. 
We all know the dangers of computers.  As adults at least we realize that everyone that sits behind a computer screen may not be who they seem. Children, especially teenagers, are much more trusting. Think back when you were a teenager; you knew it all and your parent knew nothing.  There were not evil people in the world; People do not lie to you.  It is just how a teenager thinks and look out when someone of the opposite sex talks to them, or at least they think that is who it is.  No one can convince them that the person is not real nor that they may have horrible motives.  This is such the case with Megan Meier.
Megan was a thirteen year old gi…

The Ruby McCollum Case

I love to hear about cases that happened decades ago that I had never heard of before.  On the flip side of that I also get the most frustrated with those types of cases.  While the stories are interesting generally in many areas and often show us how things were in times past, they also often seem to get a life of their own and it makes it more difficult to determine what is fact, and what is fiction.  This particular case is just such a case.  

On August 3, 1952, prominent African American Live Oak resident, Ruby McCollum walked into the office of Dr (now state senator) Clifford Leroy Adams. By the time she left the exam room to go to her car where two of her four children were waiting for her Dr. Adams lay on the floor with four gun shot wounds.  There was little to no secret as to who was responsible considering there were plenty of witnesses in the waiting room and the office.  Ruby was promptly and swiftly arrested.  Over the decades since the crime there has been much made about…