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Keith Canaan

The law has always been something that I have been fascinated with.  I used to think, and sometimes I still do, that my dream job would be to be a lawyer.  In fact, I went to school and although I left a few credits short, to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies.  When it is brought up in conversation my husband will often remind me that while being an attorney may be my calling it would not likely be as a defense attorney.  I will admit that if I were in fact a defense attorney I likely would not be a popular, or a rich one seeing as I am very much about personal responsibility and about the law.  If you are a reader of my blogs then you should know that there have been cases in which I believe the right person has been convicted for a crime, and yet I do not agree with the tactics taken to get that conviction.  There are also those that I believe are guilty who have been set free either because the state did not fully prove their case or because the defense did a good…

Thomas Schiro

Sadly, when you follow true crime cases as I do, so many of them just seem "routine."  I have a list of names or cases that when it is time to sit down and do some research I start going through the list to refresh myself on what the particular case was about and look to find one that strikes me at that moment. It really is not as easy as it seems.  Think of it as if you are watching a movie and it just seems so unoriginal and predictable that you know the ending before you are half way through.  That is quite often the case for me with true crime cases and especially the true crime shows on television. Of course the difference with true crime cases is that they involve real people.  I should be clear in saying that while I find "excitement" or interest in the crimes themselves I am also just as interested, if not more in the legal process a case takes.

I found this case, just as I have several of the last few cases, while I was researching another local case.  I ca…

Donald Ray Wallace Jr.

I made a vow this year that I would take every Sunday as my day to work on this blog so that I spent more consistent time working on it.  I have missed a few over the last month due to other things that I have had going on.  There have been times in which I just did not have the motivation or the desire for whatever reason but I would muddle through and made myself post at least one. Today is not one of those days.  I woke up refreshed and ready to go and I am hoping for it to be a rather productive day.

I have decided once again to do a story that is local for my current area. I have done several of these in the recent past for a few reasons.  One of those reason is that I have a very good local website in which I can use to obtain newspaper articles.  While I definitely like using these articles I have to admit that I have often found them also a hindrance. Depending on the crime there could be hundreds and hundreds of articles (this case is just such a crime) and oftentimes I find m…