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The Sweet Trials

I have a list of cases that I intend to blog about.  Depending on my mood I am either sitting in front of my computer researching a case or composing a blog based on my notes.  The list tends to grow based on tidbits of information I hear  from different references.  I have a few already done, mostly smaller cases and when I am ready to compose them I will.  However, from time to time a case comes along that I have a huge urge to put my thoughts down almost immediately... such is the case known as The Sweet Trials.
While researching this case I am reminded how glad I am that I was born in the decade that I was (the 1970's).  I have lived in a small, predominately white town, for the last 10 years but I was raised in the inner city.  The high school that I graduated from was a predominately black high school.  The town I live in is not far from where I grew up so we still receive their local news if we would like.  I remember not long after moving here I was working at a nursing hom…