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The Murder of Forrest Teel

I came across this story when I was looking for new true crime books to read through Barnes and Noble.  Sometimes I get sick of reading or seeing television shows on the same subject over and over so it is refreshing to find something new that I have never heard of.  The other appeal for me when it came to this story was the fact that it took place in Indianapolis, Indiana where I grew up (although this story took place many years before I was born).  

Another appeal to this story is that there is not a lot of information out there.  When that happens it makes you want to find more and more.  I came across a book called "In the Eyes of the Law" by Tom Faulconer (his father was the trial judge) and a few articles spread out from the time.  However, this is not the first older case (not that they do not continue to do it) that I have found where one cannot always rely on the newspaper stories of the day.  I have read many things that indicate that when it comes to crime many wh…