William Delaney

In April of 2011 Deborah Delaney disappeared from her Peoria Arizona home. No one knows exactly when it happened. Her husband did not report her missing. Her mother, Patricia Smyth did after not being able to reach her daughter on that Easter Sunday. Deborah's husband, William would claim that she had left a note that she was leaving him. Authorities would come to believe that the type written note had actually been written by William himself to explain his wife's absence. What he did not apparently know was that a few years earlier Deborah had written a letter, showed it to her mother and had her mother also sign it, and then left it with her mother. The handwritten letter would detail the problems in the Delaney marriage and in fact was written solely for the reason if she were to die or disappear suddenly.

For the next year William Delaney was on the police radar in the disappearance of his wife. It was said that the last time he had been interviewed, apparently at his home, the officer told him the next time he would see him he would be there to handcuff him. Delaney knew the heat was on and just as the investigators were finishing up the final touches on his arrest warrant Delaney who was living with another woman, got into his car, drove to a park and committed suicide in his car.

A year after that, on February 6, 2013 hikes would find skeletal remains that would later be identified as Deborah. A definite cause of death could not be determined but it has been said that it was possible that she had been poisoned or purposed overdosed on medication.

During the course of their investigation police would investigate the handwritten letter that stated William Delaney had been forging his mother's signature on Social Security checks and Deborah had threatened to report him, it also mentioned his obsession with bondage and what Deborah described as “kinky sex.” They would also come to believe that the typed written letter, given to them by William Delaney had been written by him. The typed letter was in a language they described as “rude.” It was seemingly addressed to William from Deborah and stated she was living him for another man indicating that William no longer satisfied her sexually. They would also learn that Deborah had been William's forth wife and that his third wife had died suspiciously.

According to William's second wife around the time they had been married about seven years she had began to act “weird.” She would move out of their home and she says that on that same day Jayme would move in and later become his third wife. Jayme would be found sometime later, dead from CO2 poisoning. It had been ruled a suicide but with Deborah's death there were now questions.

Due to the fact that William committed suicide before the case could ever make it to court there will always be some unanswered questions. However, at the time of his death authorities were preparing to file 1st degree murder charges against him so they seemingly felt that they had a case against him. Most would argue that his act of suicide points to his guilt in the death of his wife but to be fair that is not always the case and in the eyes of the law it is not a solved case.


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