Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Quinn Hanna Gray Kidnapping

This story is different than the others within this blog because it does not involve murder but after just watching a story about it and reading up on the Internet (like I do very often) I am just floored by this story and the stupidity involved.

Millionaire Reid Gray came home on the Friday before Labor Day in 2009, from work to find a note, written his his wife, Quinn's  handwriting indicating she had been kidnapped.  Over the next several days there were phone calls, from her saying that the kidnappers demanded $50,000.  She stated that they had indicated that this was in connection to a debt he owed a loan shark.  Reid was confused because he said he was never involved with a loan shark and even he found the ransom amount to be odd considering he made over a million dollars a year.  At one point Reid is informed that the kidnappers are aggravated with him and instead of dealing with him they began dealing with Quinn's mother. There was a bit of a "scavenger hunt" in order to get the money to the drop off point and there were notes to the next place written in Quinn's handwriting.

After several days suddenly Quinn shows up, saying she had been simply dropped off out of a van.  She called police, crying, saying she did not know where she was.  In her initial questioning by the police she seemed hostile, especially towards her husband, stating that she was convinced that he wanted her dead.  She returned the next day and explains that she did not believe that there were three men involved, as her initial note indicated but only one and she only knew that his name was Jasmin.  She stated she had been tied up; she had tape put on her mouth.  She had bruises and scrapes on her arms to indicate injuries.  At one point she tells the police that the kidnapper had gone to a grocery store.  She knew, when, where, and what he got.  Through surveillance video the police were able to make a search for the man that Quinn identified.  A few days later Jasmin called the police department and went in to be interviewed.  He heard the information that Quinn had told the police, and informed them that he was in possession of an audio tape that they should hear.

According to Jasmin, he had met Quinn a few months prior at a gas station and they had started an affair.  Police were never able to confirm if this statement was true.  However, the audiotape that he turned over to police confirmed the suspicions that police had had all along.  Quinn was not kidnapped.  It was all a hoax.  Apparently Jasmin made the tape to made sure if she tried to trap him alone he would have the proof otherwise.  Within the tape it was determined that after the supposed "kidnapping" she had stayed in a hotel... with Jasmin coming and going, but with her alone much of the time; she revealed that she had made the marks on her body herself so that when she did come out of hiding she would have a story.  There was even a portion where the two of them were having obvious consensual sex to which Quinn had previously told the police she was raped by her "kidnapper."  

Both Jasmin and Quinn were promptly arrested on the charge of extortion.  

Reid Gray initially stood by his wife, believing that she had been kidnapped and that it was Jasmin who was extorting him.  After listening to the evidence the police stated they had (without yet listening to the audio tape) he  set up to have a private lie detector test for Quinn. Whether he did this because he was already having doubts or this was his attempt to prove her innocence, after she failed the test and he decided to listen to the audio tape, he changed his tune.  

In the end Jasmin pled guilty to extortion and eventually Quinn pled no contest.  She still maintains her innocence, still claiming she was kidnapped but that she had taken the plea for her family's sake.  They both received several years of probation.

Reid had been very honest with officers from the first day of the supposed kidnapping that he and Quinn had marriage problems that resulted to them both being unfaithful and divorce had been discussed.  In April of 2010 Reid filed for divorce and asked for primary custody of their two children.  He also asked that his financial support through her legal issues should be considered in any settlement.  Both Reid and Quinn's mother claimed that she was bi-polar but doctors and investigators had no evidence of this.

This is simply one of those cases in which the stupidity involved is just astounding.  Instead of extorting $50,000 from her husband all she had to do was divorce him and she would have gotten a lot more money, likely received primary custody of her children (hence getting child support also), and not had to serve probation.  It just amazes me how stupid some people can be!!!

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  1. Quinn Hanna is a lying tramp, who duped her mother and ex-husband. She should have been made to make FULL restitution for the time & resources wasted by law enforcement. She should only have limited, supervised visits with her kids...terrible, terrible influence & role model she is. Her mother is SNOWED, by her foolery! I hope she wasn't granted a dime from her divorce either!