List of Upcoming Cases...

My goal is to make one post about a case a day.  As I continue to let my mind roll and in between watch more of my true crime dramas more and more cases have come to mind.  I have a "short" list that I keep adding to and would not mind input on any others.  However at the current time, the following are those I have had in mind:

West Memphis Three
Casey Anthony
Scott Peterson 
The Martha Moxley Murder
The Karen Slover Murder (this was the first case to use dog DNA)
Jason Young
Michael Petersen
The Chicken Coop Murders (as well as the corruption of the police involved with one of the victims mothers)
Leopold and Loeb


  1. Have you ever looked into the 1982 Lake Waco Murders?

    1. There is a blog about that case. I believe I wrote it in late 2017


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