Scott Peterson Case

Undisputed Facts:

1. On December 24, 2002 Laci Peterson, a pregnant wife, was reported missing in Modesto, California.

2.  Laci's due date was February 10, 2003 and Laci and her husband, Scott planned to name the boy Conner.

3.  It was learned that Scott Peterson was having an affair with a woman by the name of Amber Frey and it was likely he had many other affairs during his time with Laci.

4. When Amber Frey learned that Scott Peterson was not who she thought he was (she claims she knew nothing about him being married) she allowed her phone and herself to be wired for the police.  This was in attempts to get Peterson to confess to the killing of his pregnant wife, he did not do this.

5.  During one of the taped called to Amber Frey, Peterson claimed to be at a New Years Eve celebration in Paris, proclaiming his love to Amber.  Reality was that he was at a vigil in Modesto.

6. Peterson had told the police that on the morning of December 24, 2002 he had gone boating/fishing in the San Francisco Bay (Berkeley Marina to be specific).  He stated he had returned home to find his wife missing.

7. On April 14, 2003, the body of a fetus washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay, just north of where Peterson admitted to be the morning of the disappearance.  The following day a partial torso washed to shore around the same area in which the fetus had been found.  The bodies were identified as Laci and her unborn child.  The cause and time of death could not be determined based on decomposition, the time in the water and the fact the bodies had been eaten by animals. It was determined that prior to death Laci had suffered broken ribs.

8. The single piece of forensic evidence was a hair, said to be Laci's, was found in a pair of pliers from Peterson's boat.

9. On April 18, 2003 Peterson was arrested. His hair and beard had been dyed blonde.  He was in the possession of four cell phones, around $15,000 in cash, multiple credit cards belonging to family members, a shovel and many other items in his car.  The arrest took place at a golf course in which Peterson said he was meeting his father.  Peterson claimed that the hair color had changed do to chlorine in a pool he had swam in.  The pool owner testified at trial that as far as his knowledge Peterson had never used his pool.

10. On March 16, 2005 Scott Lee Peterson was sentenced to death.  He was also ordered to pay $10,000 towards the expense of Laci's funeral.

11. As of November 2011, according to a website by his family his appeal has not been filed as of yet.

Disputed Facts:

1.  Peterson and his family continue to maintain his innocence.

2.  It has been stated by some witnesses that Peterson told them that he was golfing on December 24th, not boating or fishing.  According to his family's website it was a "morning decision" to go fishing because it was too cold to go play golf, yet they also contend that on the 20th Peterson bought a 2 day fishing pass (for the 23rd and 24th).  He did also have a parking receipt for fishing in the Bay that day.

3. Prosecutors have theorized that Peterson killed Laci in their home (likely by strangulation) and proceeded to dump her body into the Bay.  

4. The single strand of hair found in the pliers on Peterson's boat was without a root.  There were allegations of mishandling (surprise, surprise, have never heard that one !) and there were attempts to question the DNA.

5. Cadaver dogs were taken to the garage in which Peterson stored his boat.  It was reported that it showed "some interest."  Peterson's attorney's argued that they did not go into "full alert" therefore was not reliable. Prosecutors all but said the dog was confused or distracted by some of the smells by some of the items stored in the garage dealing with Peterson's fertilizer business.

My Opinion:

I wanted to make sure I did this case soon after blogging on the Casey Anthony Case to compare the two.  First, do not get me wrong on this case, I absolutely believe Scott Peterson killed his pregnant wife.  But, I can believe whatever I want.  Reality of it is Peterson was convicted for his actions, not the least of which was being an adulterous husband.  The only forensic evidence they had on him was the single piece of hair said to be found in his pliers.  Other evidence used against him was the fact that Laci and Conner's bodies washed ashore just north of where he admitted to (and had proof of ) being on the day of Laci's disappearance, the fact he talked to someone about selling their house soon after Laci disappeared, sold her primary vehicle, and had told his girlfriend a few weeks prior that he was a widower. Hell, I've always thought it was fishy (yes pun intended) that he went fishing on the day of Christmas Eve knowing they had plans that day and things to do.  It was not like he went fishing around the corner of his home for a few hours.

So now I'm going to show a comparison between the Anthony and the Peterson's cases:

Anthony Case:                                               Peterson Case:

Body found near the family home            Bodies found upstream from fishing             

duct tape found on or near body                 a strand of Laci's hair in Peterson's 
   consistent with that found in home               pliers

the smell of decomposing body from 
  truck of Casey's car

root-banded hair found in the trunk of
  Casey's car.... DNA to Caylee(said to only
  come from a deceased body)

body wrapped in blanket from home

body placed in trash bag consistent to 
   those found in the home


Failed to report Caylee missing for                Called searching for Laci; step-
    31 days.                                                  father ultimately made the 9-1-1
                                                                   call.... missing less than a day.

Lied about place of employment.                    Accused of lying about where he 
                                                                  was that day (most witnesses 
                                                                   stated he said he was fishing)

Lied to police about when and where               Was having an affair, lying to 
  she last saw Caylee                                         girlfriend about actions, 
                                                                       where he was and stories of

Was witnessed and photographed                    Sold Laci's primary vehicle soon
 partying after Caylee was supposedly                after she disappeared.

Got a tattoo that said "Beautiful Life"                Order pornographic channels on 
                                                                      his cable.

4 years later changed story to drowning             Dyed hair and presumably had 
   in pool                                                           materials and items with him
                                                                        to be on the "lam."


            Reportedly more often than not seemed more concerned for themselves than for their missing loved one.

             Neither actively participated in the wide searches for their loved ones.  Granted Anthony was in jail for most of them.  Peterson did make short appearances.               

The Anthony jury said they did not have enough evidence to know HOW Caylee died and seemingly wanted a better motive than not wanting tied down or allowing her mom to care for her.  Peterson's jury did not have enough evidence to accurately know the exact cause of death and apparently they liked the motive of him wanting to be with his girlfriend and not be tied down to Laci and Conner.

The Anthony jury would say that Casey's actions were not good, but were not proof.  Apparently Peterson's jury thought his actions were good enough to prove the case.

While there are no two cases alike by any means and while the actions of both Anthony and Peterson are, in my mind, unacceptable, one of them is sitting on death row while the other walked free.  

Both Anthony and Peterson were considered to be attractive and charismatic people.  Both had private attorney's on their case, with Peterson's being more experienced.  Both cases were moved from the county in which the crime occurred due to press coverage. 

In my opinion.... they should each be covering the coasts (Anthony in Florida; Peterson in California) in their death row cells.  But, that is just my feeling, we are not supposed to convict on feelings, we are to convict on evidence.  If everyone who lied about a crime was convicted there would be an awful lot of empty houses and a job market boom. 


  1. It's all about who is pretty and looks good on magazines. Disgusting.

    Also despicable that a woman is much more likely believed to have a case with "reasonable doubt" than a man. Think of all the wrongly convicted people that have been released, through efforts like The Innocence Project.... any women? I dont know, but I have never heard of any.

    Women get away with murder...literally.

  2. You know what? You're right.. I have never heard of a woman either. Wait..I don't remember her name but there was a woman who was put in prison for murdering her son (in their house) and was later retried and released... a serial killer had confessed. I do not remember if the Innocent Project was involved. Will have to search it. Even so she's the only one I can think of.

    What did you think of the comparison of the cases? Do you agree? lol :)

  3. Yes, cases are very similar, a fact which I though would help her get convicted, actually. But there were problems in this case from the jury selection forward. Once the prosecutor locked in on the 1st degree murder charge, to change the charge to include lesser would have shone weakness. They instead tried to play up Baez's antics.... which also backfired. The things that lost this case had little to do with the evidence, which was strong.

    It is odd that, in Ashton's book, he tells how he completely believes that Casey killed Caylee as a single purposeful act, to rid herself of her child, and hurt her mother. That IS the 1st degree murder of the charge. But, the lead DA refused to box themselves into that version of the story, believing that if the jury didnt buy it, they would not convict. But, I think it was the multiple versions of the possible truth that they presented (tying the 1st degree charge to a technicality of "during the course of abuse, a felony"), which really lost them the conviction. The lead counsel felt strongly enough to only charge the "big" crime, but wouldn't commit to the "big" story.

    Peterson case was different in that regard; the prosecutors office locked right in on story where Scott killed her, took out the boat, and dumped her body. Even though the circumstantial evidence could have supported some other stories, the da's office locked in on the one, and charged accordingly. For that reason, I believe, the outcome was very different for the accused.

  4. That could be it Kim... the prosecutors didn't dilly dally in their theory of what happened. Good point.

    oh and for the record there is one woman in prison fighting for her freedom that I have to research and catch up on that I am on the fence of guilt on... Darlie (can't remember her last name off the top of my head). Convicted of killing two of her children in her home... ultimately was convicted because she sprayed silly string at their graves for one of their birthdays

  5. I remember her... it was Texas, maybe?? Boys were like, Dillon & Damon, or something like that... she was a piece of work. I dont know if she is appealing on dns, though. I dont think she has any proof that cops got it wrong...

  6. Yeah, that's the case.. and you may be right that it is in Texas. She's been fighting her case for years. I really need to look deep into her case because from pretty much all I have seen to this point I do question whether she is guilty or not... and she's on death row.


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