Glen Rogers

I do not do a lot of cases about serial killers.  I am not sure why actually. Maybe it has something to do with I like the part where I gather facts about cases that are less well known.  But, as I said the other day I am working my way down my long list of names and he happened to be the next one.  In fairness I have skipped two on the list but only because they are cases in which trials have been delayed recently so the case has not met it's full conclusion.

As is the case with many serial killers, Glen Rogers had a nickname.  Well, actually he had two... "The Cross Country Killer" and "The Casanova Killer." So many talk about how good looking Ted Bundy was but I never saw the attraction. But now, Glen Rogers, yeah, he was a good looking man.  Then again, he kind of had that 80's hair band kind of look and since I would like nothing more than to have remained in that era maybe that is the attraction I find.  

Glen Rogers was born and raised in Ohio and one of seven children.  By the time he was sixteen he had been expelled from school and had several run ins with the law.  By the time he was arrested in 1995 authorities knew he had murdered at least one man and four women.  They suspect there have been many more but as with the case with so many other serial killers, they are not sure the number is any where near the one Rogers has claimed, nor do they believe all of his claims.  It has been said that Rogers told one of his sisters that he has killed close to seventy people but he has since retracted that and said he was joking and that he has never killed anyone. Well, that is not true, we know that.

In 1993 Rogers was living with an elderly man, Mark Peters in Ohio.  In October of 1993 Mark Peter's family reported him missing along with his vehicle and some valuables.  Rogers was also not around anymore.  I cannot say for sure how things came about but in January of 1994 Glen Rogers' brother, Clay led authorities to a cabin the family owned in Kentucky.  They would find the body of Mark Peters, tied to a chair and covered with furniture.  Either authorities did not look very hard for him or they could not find him.  Rogers was never charged in this crime but it seems everyone, including his family knows he was responsible.

By 1995 Glen was living in Los Angeles California.  He met a single mother of three, Sandra Gallagher at a bar on September 28, 1995.  He hung out with her and using what would become his MO asked her for a ride home.  The following day her body was found strangled inside her burned out truck just a few blocks for his apartment. 

Authorities believe it was at this point that Glen Rogers took off on a cross country killing spree.  His next known stop was Mississippi.  It was there that he met Linda Price at the Mississippi State Fair.  He apparently went home with her in Jackson and by the sounds of it did not leave until he was ready.  He must have been tired from his trip.  Linda was last seen or heard from on the night before Halloween.  Her sister knocked on her door the next day and did not get an answer.  Linda would be found dead in the bathtub of her home.

Next Rogers was found in the Tampa Florida area.  Once again he was at a bar when he met Tina Marie Cribbs on November 5, 1995.  Tina was there waiting for her mom but she was apparently running late.  Rogers asked her for a ride home (to his motel) and Tina told her friends she would be back shortly and to let her mother know. Tina never made it back to the bar.  Her body was found two days later inside a motel bathtub.  She had been stabbed multiple times in the chest and buttocks. Authorities would learn that Rogers had come to the motel a few days prior and on the 5th he had paid for an extra night and asked that the room not be cleaned.  Tina's wallet would be found on the side of the road in North Florida.  It would be examined and Rogers prints would be found on it.  Tina's car was also missing.

Rogers' next stop was in Louisiana. The body of Andy Jiles Sutton was found slashed across her punctured waterbed on November 9, 1995.  Acquaintances described Glen Rogers as being seen with her.

On November 13, 1995, after a police chase Glen Rogers was arrested while driving the car belonging to Tina Marie Cribbs.  

Glen Rogers was taken back to Florida to face trial in the murder of Tina Marie Cribbs but California wanted him too.  At his trial his defense attorney tried to maintain that Rogers was innocent.  They would agree that they had met at the bar and that they had gone back to the motel but Rogers would claim that he had permission to take Tina's car and that when he left her at the motel she was alive.  Of course none of this made sense and there did not seem to be an explanation as to how his prints were found on her wallet several hundred miles away.  The defense was even able to get a police sergeant from Ohio to testify that Rogers had been working as a paid undercover narcotic informant and had helped secure hundreds of arrests.  I never found any more about this testimony but I find it highly suspicious.  In July of 1997 Glen Rogers was found guilty in the murder of Tina Marie Cribbs and sentenced to death for her murder. He was also given a life sentence for a charge of robbery with a deadly weapon and a sentence of five years for grand theft.

In October of 1998 Rogers was extradited to California to stand trial in the murder of Sandra Gallagher.  Rogers is suspected in the murders of four unsolved cases around the area and the state so I am sure he was interrogated for those cases also.  In June of 1999 he was convicted in California and the following month he was given the death penalty once again.  In August of that year he was sent back to Florida to remain incarcerated.

As far as the other cases, in Ohio, Mississippi and Louisiana, those states apparently have decided that seeing as he is on death row in two states it would not be financially sound to try him in their states.  I mean really, you can only execute someone once.  This happens often in situations such as this.  Many times when there are several cases in several jurisdictions they will secure convictions in generally two so that if one case falls through there is still the other case, but to continue in other areas just seems a waste of time.  Then there is the idea that if by some chance both the cases in Florida and California would fall through and be overturned for whatever reason, there are still charges available in other areas.  The odds of this happening are slim but we have seen stranger things in the justice system.  

Authorities believe that he may be responsible for as many as twelve murders, including the four in California.  As I stated above at some point Rogers told his sister it was close to seventy people that he had killed.  In my opinion the true number is somewhere between the two.  Authorities have pointed out that unlike most serial killers, Rogers did not have what they call a "cooling off" period between the murders, at least in the last four they know of.  He killed Sandra Gallagher on September 28, 1995 and Andy Jiles Sutton was found on November 9, 1995.  

I would be remissed if I did not mention the one area in which many would say they have heard the name, Glen Rogers.  On June 12, 1994 the bodies of Nichole Brown Simpson, the ex wife of football and actor star, O.J. Simpson, and Ronald Goldman were found outside Nichole's Brentwood California home. It has apparently been confirmed that Rogers was in fact living in California at that time.  Keep in mind this is after the body of Mark Peters was found but before his spree began in September of 1995.  In the ID documentary show "My Brother the Serial Killer" two of Rogers' siblings claim that not only had he confessed to them as to being the killer but they believe him.  For a bit it seems Rogers retracted this claim but as of 2014 he has renewed his claim and even supposedly contacted the manager of O.J. Simpson.  According to the managers he has had several conversations with Rogers through phone and letters and believes that Rogers does not want to die and O.J "get credit for what he has done."  

So, is there any credence to these claims?  I personally am uncertain.  One reason the family believes this is that they claim that prior to the murders Rogers had contacts  few of the and mentioned he was working as a contractor on her home.  The other reason revolves around a gold angel pin in which Rogers had mailed to their mother in Ohio.  Family members claim that this came from Nichole Brown's home and that family has identified it, although I cannot confirm the latter.  For their part, Florida believes this is just a ruse to delay his execution and they would know.... they had Bundy in their hands doing just that.

For me, I am not sure that it really matters when it comes to the Simpson case. I have said from day one that I believe O.J. either did it himself or had it done. In most versions told by Glen Rogers he became friends with O.J and was hired by him to break into Nichole's home and steal back a pair of diamond earrings. He has even stated that O.J. claimed to have told him he may have to kill her. So, while Rogers supposedly wants "credit" for the murders, he also makes claims that still implicate O.J. Simpson which in the eyes of the law make him just as responsible.  But, in the same respect, the evidence is just not there. There are reports that there were unidentified fingerprints inside the home of Nichole but surely they would have been identified now, it is not like Rogers' prints are not readily available. But, even the prints would not mean anything necessarily since he admits to being in the home and with all the evidence left at the scene of the crime, that seems so minor. There are those who believe Glen Rogers' story and believes that the LA prosecutors will never look into it because they are so set on the fact that O.J was the murderer.  For my part I do not know that I believe that.  I believe they would want it solved especially if they could prove O.J. was in on it.  The United States v Felix (1992) ruled that it is not considered to be double jeopardy if someone is acquitted for a murder and charged with conspiracy to commit that same murder.  Of course the biggest challenge California would have would be to take the word of a known murderer, and that is if he can stick to his story.  There would obviously need to be some other evidence backing up Rogers' word and I am just not certain it could be found.

It should be noted that Rogers is serving his sentence in Florida and will continue to do so unless something falls through on that case, of which does not seem likely.  But, he is also considered in a sense to still also be incarcerated by the state of California.  However, he does only appear on the DOC website for Florida since that is where he is housed.  On the Florida DOC website the California detainment is shown but there is nothing on him at the California DOC.


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