Sean Keenan

Keeping with my goal to search all the cases in my list despite the fact that I found this case elusive and quite honestly not very interesting, this was next.

On July 7, 2014 Sean Keenan was attempting to cross the United States border into Canada.  He apparently passed the first checkpoint but by the second one people were suspicious.  The twenty-one year old was holding the identification of 70 year old John Keenan, his father.  He had shave back his hair to appear to have a receding hairline obviously in attempts to look older and seemed to be very eratic. Apparently he finally admitted that the identification he was carrying belonged to his father and he was asked how his father was.  His response was "not too good."  Border police contacted authorities in Orchard Park New York to have a welfare check done on John Keenan.  

When officers arrived at the Keenan home they found John Keenan had been beaten and stabbed and was no longer alive.  His wife was not in the home as she was visiting sick relatives in Texas.  The Keenan's other grown son lived in Wisconsin but Sean lived in the home with his parents.

Obviously Sean was taken into custody and held over for trial.  Defense attorney's would claim that in May of 2014 Sean had developed what they called "a serious mental health situation" that was not treated.  After his arrested he was placed on medication and it was claimed to be working.

Sean pleaded guilty to 1st degree manslaughter and his false identification charges were dropped.  In June of 2015 Sean was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

The exact motive to the murder is still unknown.  It was theorized that obviously a fight had occurred between the two but I was unable to determine the nature of the argument.  Those who knew John were fond of him.  He had been the founder and president of a company called The Institute for Leadership & Global Education and was well respected.  But, as we all know how those around us perceive us and what goes on behind closed doors is often different.  This is not to say that John Keenan in any way deserved to die, especially at the hands of his son, but it is to say that no one truly knows what exactly happened, and why.


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